Los Angeles based artist Richard T. Walsh straddles the line
between art, design and experience.

“Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, a city vibrant with art and music, I was exposed to everything from the Cleveland Museum of Art to R. Crumb comics, sneaking into jazz clubs in high school (Brother Jack McDuff was awesome!), Saturday “trips” to the Salvador Dali museum, and life drawing classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art … I absorbed it all like a sponge!”

Richard attended Kent State University to study art (Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration and Graphic Design), upon graduation moved to Colorado to ski, and ended up in Los Angeles where he enjoyed a 30+ year career in creating theme parks, retail centers, TV animation, identities and architectural design.

His Good Drawing workshops are a favorite experience for students
in Los Angeles and New York.

Enjoying art from an early age, Richard has been able to
incorporate his original style and character art into many of his
clients projects, like Disney, and seen by millions of people. This was the inspiration for Richard to lean into his original art with gusto!

“I’m premiering the Butterman Series with the launch of my new
website gallery, and invite you into the inner channels of my mind”

– Richard

A short bio-promo for “A Beautiful Tail”, a children’s book I illustrated