Richard T. Walsh • 4181 W. Kling St. #62, Burbank CA • (818) 321-2271

As a Concept Artist I create original ideas, concept art and mood pieces that contribute to the quality and impact of the larger project. Sketching and designing environments, characters, vehicles, props, logos and color palettes.

As a Creative Director I’m responsible for leading initiatives, developing brand messages and long-term strategies. Create, art direct, and design as part of the creative management team. Manage in house design teams and outside design, printing and fabrication vendors. Create budgets and schedules to coordinate with senior management.

As a Director of Brand Management I championed an international lifestyle restaurant company through the implementation of the rebrand, including revising the brand manual with additional logos, color palettes, best practices and product design.

As a Graphic Design Director I have award-winning experience in environmental design, identity, entertainment design, production design and web development. I have run multi-million dollar design projects for large entertainment companies.